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Pelvic Positioning

As the body's core, the pelvis anchors safe, comfortable, functional positions. To see all options for a product, click its picture below.

Belt Mounting Extension Kit

Two straps when stacked add length to our hip belts and the Evoflex®

Straps align to fit tight spaces and
spread apart to bypass obstructions, to make mounting a belt easier

Bend the straps to attach directly to solid seat bottoms and/or cut to size

The advantages of retractable belts, without hardware against the hips

Stiffened end straps stay upright when unfastened, avoiding the wheels

Straps pivot forward and back for easy transfers or part-time use

Can be used on chest, upper legs and/or trunk, and compatible with our sub-ASIS pads. A great solution for users who dislike webbing belts.

Though mounting hardware is included, consider a Belt Mounting Extension Kit if mounting on power chairs.
Sub-ASIS Compatible Belts

Each compatible belt features a hook and loop material (similar to Velcro®) to which one or more interchangeable pads can be attached, moved or removed at any time.

Pads are available in two sizes. They fill anatomical gaps and prevent a belt from digging or or riding up, improving control of pelvic obliquity and rotation while minimizing abdominal and bladder pressure.
Quad Belts

Designed for users with minimal hand function, the stiffener and thumb socket make for easy buckle closure

The Bodypoint Rehab LatchTM, our lowest force buckle, makes release quick and easy

Add two of our Slip-On Pads for greater all-day comfort
Non-Padded Belts

A basic belt that can be used alone or with our Slip-On Pads

Proprietary webbing is soft, yet stiff enough for easy threading

Best for temporary positioning; for all day use, select a padded or Quad Belt
2-Point Padded Hip Belts

Webbing that is not slippery, yet easily cleaned by hand or in a machine

Seamless rounded edge transition from webbing to pads

Anatomical laminarTM pads for better fit

Center, rear and dual-pull styles

Five buckle options: low-profile swivel, low-force Rehab LatchTM (airplane), side-release (Fastex) and adult or pediatric push button.
4-Point Padded Hip Belts

Primary + secondary straps provide stable positioning for anterior pelvic tilt, pelvic rotation and thrusting.

Design supports many mounting angles and accommodates asymmetry

Five buckle styles: low-profile swivel, low-force Rehab LatchTM (airplane), side-release (Fastex; only available with dual pull belts) and adult or pediatric push button

Extra attachment points keep belt from riding up or pressing on abdomen