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Dealer Tools & Accessories

In order to ensure that our products are tailored to meet the needs of each individual user, Bodypoint® provides a variety of tools to assist with fittings, assessments, and tradeshows.

Joystick Handle Display

Display all of our joysticks with this 7-pin display

Comes with all joysticks shown, including one full-size and two cut-down Grooved Mushroom Joysticks

Stem size Ø1/4"

Perfect for use as a clinic, retail shop or showroom display
Belt Mounting Hardware Kit

Kit comes complete with genuine Bodypoint® parts, in a tough, durable Stanley® box

Safe and simple installation to any wheelchair where the customer needs it

Components can be reordered individually

Mounting Hardware Gauge

This indispensable tool for measuring tubing diameter helps you order the right mounting hardware, to create a mounting point for a postural support.

For wheelchair techs, therapists and suppliers, this is a must-have for the toolkit.