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Belt Mounting Extension Kit

8" straps support multiple mounting options

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Product Overview

Belt Mounting Extension Kit

Note: when mounting to a wheelchair frame, if you mount to the side guards or upper rail, closer to the user as is always desirable, you should less often need this kit. Our Band Clamp, Frame Clamp and Seat Tube Mounting Bracket Kit are great options for closer mounting. 

If you do need the kit, however, we offer a wide variety of mounting hardware to attach it to the wheelchair.

Stack two straps to add length to Bodypoint® hip belts and the Evoflex®. 

This versatile hardware accessory allows for direct mounting to the frame or solid seats using M6 (1/4”) screws (not included in package).

The Bodypoint difference is in the details:

  • Straps align to fit in tight spaces
  • Straps spread apart to span obstructions
  • Straps can be bent to attach directly to solid seat bottoms.
  • Straps can be cut to desired length
  • Extension straps can be attached to the wheelchair using FrameSaver™ Clamps, Band Clamps, or Frame Clamps and work with Flat-Mount™ and Cinch-Mount™ End-Fittings.

As always, a pelvic support should be worn with an anterior support product.

Product Sizing
Belt Mounting Extension Kit includes:

4 8" Extension Straps
2 M6 x 12 Button Head Socket Cap Screws
2 M6 Nylock Nuts

Product Instructions
Instructions for Use

Click on the link below to download product instructions.

Belt Mounting Extension Kit Product Instruction

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