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Stayflex™ Chest Support

Stable shoulder + sternal support, without riding up

The Revolutionary Stayflex™ Chest Support

The Stayflex™ Chest Support gives users needing trunk control, firm support without sacrificing comfortable shoulder movement. The patented "dual-zone" elastic construction virtually eliminates shifting upwards at the neckline as the user leans forward reducing the risk of strangulation. Made of carefully selected materials that combine to provide the optimal balance between stretch and resistance, the Stayflex is the best choice for long-term stability and performance.

The Bodypoint difference is in the details

  • Heavy-duty knit nylon and foamed rubber padding for strong elastic support
  • Quick-release swivel buckles on the lower straps for easy removal
  • Superior materials and sewing construction for long life

As always, a pelvic support should be worn with any anterior support product.

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Product Overview

The Revolutionary Stayflex™ Chest Support

Our Stayflex™ Chest Support gives firm support to users needing trunk control with more freedom of movement in the shoulders than the PivotFit or Trimline Shoulder Harnesses. The patented dual-stretch-zone construction virtually eliminates upward shift at the neckline when the user leans forward, minimizing strangulation risk.

Available in Standard and Narrow Width styles. Narrow Width provides a comfortable fit for women and user with smaller frames. Optional zipper on either style allows easier removal.

The Bodypoint difference is in the details:

  • Made of carefully selected materials that provide the optimal balance between stretch and resistance.
  • New MD (multi-directional) Pull Straps can be configured as either a front-pull or rear-pull at the time of the fitting to better accommodate individual user needs. No need to choose pull style when ordering.
  • Quick-release swivel buckles on the lower straps for easy removal.
  • Machine washable, with superior materials and careful stitching in our Seattle facility for long life.

Caution: Whenever a chest belt or other anterior trunk support is used, a properly-adjusted pelvic support should also be worn to prevent sliding.

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Instructions for Use

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Stayflex MD Shoulder Harness

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